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The First 40 Days Plan of our dreams.

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Ancient Eastern cultures follow "The First Forty Days" tradition - a critical time for rest and recovery for a new mother. The modern woman is constantly on the go and juggling 21 different things - it's no wonder there is a "bounce back" mentality. But, the transition to motherhood is tough, and we need to start with self-care to build the foundation for long-term health. Foods are focused on healing and rebuilding your body during this critical time, so that you can feed and care for your little one.

Most new mothers choose a First 40 Days | 6-week plan program, but your body will thank you for any amount of time. You can purchase one week at a time ($517) or prepay the full six weeks ($2,636.70)

One week's shipment includes:

  • Postpartum Program for 5 days - tailored to your specific week of recovery + perfectly portioned for your needs. One week full regimen includes: 
    • Morning tonic (8oz each)
    • Breakfast (12oz)
    • Lunch (Soup 16-24oz)
    • Herbal Broth (8oz each)
    • Dinner (24oz)
    • & Snacks (12oz) 
  • Option for boost (additional meals for 1 family member at a discount) 

Read more about the program here

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    Postpartum - Overnight Shipped Nationwide

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    Experience it yourself

    The First 40 Days Plan of our dreams.