Specially chosen bundle to help with after birth recovery, the 3am wake-ups, and hormonal balance. Example below:

2 weeks supply that bring a little joy to your day. Dairy & gluten-free, no additives or preservatives. 

  • 3 portions of Seeded Cranberry Almond Protein Bites Chock full of fiber and protein for energy from the Chia Seeds, Quinoa & Almond Butter. Almond Butter is also considered a healthy fat that lowers "bad" cholesterol and keeps you full for longer. Cranberry is included for it's antioxidant effects and can reduce swelling and prevent blood clots. For those breastfeeding, taking care of yourself and maintaining balanced nutrition is the most important for milk production. All ingredients are considered safe galactagogues due to its richness in protein, calcium, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • 6 portions Broth (2 of each) - Broths are focused on postpartum recovery and made with whole ingredients. Just warm up over the stove and add water! Comes with a recipe guide for ways to make the broth into a complete meal. Beef Bone or Vegetable Broth available.
    • Seaweed: A common soup from Korea, seaweed is full of minerals like Calcium & Phosphorus to support lactation, Omega 3-Fatty Acids for fetal development, and Iron for blood replenishment & circulation.
    • Astragalus: Traditional Chinese Medicine has relied on this herb for centuries to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. It's also filled with flavonoids believed to support heart health and longevity.
    • Jujube & Goji Berries: From South Asia, these berries are packed with nutrients including iron to help with blood circulation & replenishment, Vitamin C for glowing skin, and calcium and phosphorus to maintain bone density. In Ancient Chinese Tradition, it's antioxidants are believed to treat anxiety and improve sleep quality.  
  • 14 Tea Bags (~5 of each) - A variety pack of teas to support mood swings due to hormonal balance, tissue repair and blood circulation.  

Postpartum Bundle

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