The First 40 Days

Chiyo's postpartum recovery program

Parents nationwide are loving us

It’s been so amazing having the meals postpartum! Feel like my health mentally and physically have improved quickly due to the excellent nutrition.

- Yasmin N. from NY

"The highlight of my postpartum experience."

- Joanna W. from FL

"My OBGYN said he's never seen someone recover so quickly. I said, thanks to Chiyo!"

- Elisa M. from WA

"I've gifted this to every new family I know. As a mom of two, iykyk."

- Jamie C. from TX

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ supporting 600+ families and counting

Crafted with heart, heritage & nutritional expertise

A foundation of meals with broth + tonics to your specific stage of postpartum, building on a program throughout the first 40 days

Our 6-week postpartum nutrition program adapts to each week of your recovery. Learned from generations of Eastern Medicine abroad, and bridged with the best of modern nutritional science.

Designed by our in-house team of doctors, nutritionists and chefs to:

✅ address common concerns such as indigestion, mood swings, tissue recovery, energy levels and lactation (if that’s in your plan), tailored to your week of recovery

✅ gluten-free, dairy-free, low-salt and no added sugar to avoid common inflammatory ingredients

✅ organic and seasonal wherever possible - better for you, better for the environment

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Let's get started

  1. SIGN UP: our postpartum program is available one-time, week-to-week or prepay for the full 6 weeks. You'll note your EDD and program start date.
  2. WE PREPARE: Our Chiyo Concierge will text to confirm, and have an open line of communication if plans change (birth can be unpredictable!)
  3. SAVOR & REPEAT: Each week, your nutrition program will be delivered to your door (Sundays in NY, NJ, CT and Tuesdays nationwide). Simply reheat & eat.
  4. HEALTH CHECK-INS: Our Chiyo Concierge will check in week-to-week and offer 1:1 support from our clinicians at key checkpoints.