Chiyo, Fertility to Postpartum Meal Delivery Service, Goes Nationwide

The Asian-American Founded Brand Wants to Nourish the Mother

NEW YORK – October 31, 2022 – Chiyo, the first of its kind fertility to postpartum meal delivery service, today announced it is going nationwide to feed more mothers. Rooted in Eastern food therapy, Chiyo relies on nutritional science to deliver stage-based and symptom-specific menus. Chiyo, a Japanese baby name that means a thousand generations, is an homage to the ancient wisdom that inspires the founder's approach.

In many Asian cultures it is common practice to look after mothers, before and after birth, by preparing certain foods that support physical and mental well-being, support the baby's development and long-term eating habits. CEO and co-founder Irene Liu alongside clinical nutritionist, postpartum chef, certified birth doula, and lactation counselor, Jennifer Jolorte Doro, launched Chiyo to demystify such traditions by relying on Eastern food therapy, a principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The focus is to eat based on body constitution.

"We both saw firsthand how foods that represent rest and assistance, necessary for physical and emotional healing, are what helped our own friends and family recover from childbirth. These experiences led us to realize that most new mothers in America lack access to nutritional guidance, community support, and culturally inclusive resources," said Irene Liu, CEO and co-founder of Chiyo.

“I am proud to make nutrition more delicious and diverse,” said Jennifer Jolorte Doro​, Chief Culinary Officer and co-founder of Chiyo, and mom of two. “Postpartum care is a huge part of Asian culture. It’s about honoring the mother, honoring the process, making sure everything they're eating is working for them and that they're taken care of.”

Concerning but not surprising is the lack of nutrition and ingredient specific clinical studies, which are rarely tested on pregnant women. Chiyo is working to change that, but for now, uses what is proven on general nutrition guidelines for this life stage.

Born in New York City out of the pandemic, the startup has served roughly 500 households. The heat-and-eat meals cost from $15 to $26 depending on the subscription level and options selected are delivered weekly by courier, packed on ice. Chiyo's menus rotate every week and include dishes such as ginger shiitake bone broth, adzuki quinoa oatmeal, and miso minestrone soup.

Chiyo is a direct-to-consumer weekly meal delivery service with a pantry shop option for kitchen items launching in November. Items will include Tamari, Gomasio Salt, Mushroom Seaweed Broth, and more. To learn more or to place an order please visit For Chiyo’s press kit including photos please email


About Chiyo

Chiyo is a nationwide direct-to-consumer fertility to postpartum meal delivery service and pantry shop. Rooted in Eastern food therapy, Chiyo relies on nutritional science to deliver stage-based and symptom-specific menus. All of Chiyo’s food is dairy and gluten free given that data shows that  pregnancy digestion and nutrient absorption is typically compromised by it.

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