The Chiyo Philosophy

Our nutrition principles

Chiyo's Broth & Tonics are crafted by Dr. Lily Yeh Gillespie and have been relied on by women for generations. The herbal decoction changes based on your week of your menstrual cycle - focusing on menstrual health, cramp relief, improving blood flow and manage the symptoms of PMS. Herbs are simply infused into a decoction with beef bone broth to minimize interactions and enhance functions of the principle herbs and assistant herbs.

Includes a week's worth of broths + tonics for 4 weeks. 

Please email for our vegetarian options. 

Week 1

Morning Tonic: Ginger Orange Tea

Supportive Broth: Uterine Broth 1 (Angelica Broth)

Week 2

Morning Tonic: Cinnamon Honey Tea

Supportive Broth: Uterine Broth 2 - Nourishing The Essence

Week 3

Morning Tonic: Licorice Honey Tea

Supportive Broth: Eight Treasures Decoction

Week 4

Morning Tonic: Rose Petal Vanilla

Supportive Broth (a): Ten Complete Tonify

Supportive Broth(b): Ginseng

Chiyo's Hormonal Balance and Fertility Broth & Tonic Bundle

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The Chiyo Philosophy

Our nutrition principles