The Chiyo Philosophy

Our nutrition principles

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The pantry starter, inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Restoring your body is all about swaps, simple food principles, and recipes reframed around joyful, food discovery not on food limitation. 

Organic, wherever possible + ethically sourced sauces, dry goods & artisan kitchen tools. Curated by your favorite team of Eastern & Western trained clinicians & chefs.

Our pantry starter kit includes the essentials for our Chiyo meals and a recipe booklet to get you started.

  • Sesame Oil: our sesame oil is cold-pressed, organic, unrefined, and extra virgin.  We chose black sesame oil due to its higher antioxidant properties and its use in Ayurvedic traditions.  Black sesame oil is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and  anti-inflammatory. We recommend using it as a finishing oil on our recipes, or even on burns, scrapes and rough spots on the skin as a moisturizer!
  • Tamari: Tamari is a gluten free soy sauce and provides a nice boost of flavor and richness to our savory recipes. It is a vital ingredient in TCM which has cooling properties which also helps eliminate toxins and clear heat. 
  • Gomasio Salt: Gomasio Salt is Chiyo’s flavor enhancer.  Our gomasio contains black and white sesame seeds which are a TCM ingredient rich in fiber, plant protein + minerals for bone health & reducing inflammation. They help the flow of Qi, the ‘energy’ move throughout the body.  The gomasio also contains dulse, a seaweed which is a rich source of iodine, magnesium, calcium and protein. Iodine is especially helpful in assisting with thyroid hormonal health.  Pink peppercorns are also anti-inflammatory. Sprinkle the gomasio on any dish for a little flavor boost!
  • Ginger Knob: Ginger is the ideal multipurpose ingredient which can combat nausea and improve digestion. It has warming properties to dispel cold. It contains high amounts of vitamin C to boost immunity. The ginger can be used in various preparations throughout the recipes but add slices to hot water to make a digestive aid tea. 
  • Grater: Our white ceramic grater helps make the ritual of grating ginger simple and satisfying. As a powerhouse ingredient, ginger can be easily grated to absorb all of its essential benefits. The grater can also be used to grate garlic, radish and zest citrus. 
  • Goji Berry: in TCM, goji berry is a powerful antioxidant, supporting liver + kidney function. It contains ample amounts of Iron, vitamin C + A for immune support and natural sugars add a rich sweetness to any dish. Combine with ginger to make a comforting and antioxidant rich digestive tea. 
  • Mushroom Seaweed Broth: we provided the base for our mushroom seaweed broth.  All wild mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, helping with mood balancing. Shiitake mushrooms are known to tonify the Qi and blood while Woodear provides plant-based collagen, iron & B-complex. Various forms of seaweed (wakame + kombu included) serve as a rich source of iodine, magnesium, calcium and protein. Iodine is especially helpful in assisting with thyroid hormonal health. In Korea, mothers drink seaweed soup everyday in postpartum recovery.  Feel free to add the provided millet, adzuki beans and protein of your choice for a rich and nutritious meal!
  • Millet: A gluten-free grain full of protein makes it the ideal plant-based grain. Rich in folate, magnesium + iron - foundational in all stages
  • Adzuki: in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), adzuki beans clear heat and provide folate, fiber, protein, and essential amino acids. Pro tip: add the kombu from the broth bag while pre soaking beans to break down the amino acids which can reduce gas and bloating. 
  • Cashew Moringa Dry Snack Mix: We provided a dry mix to make our Morgina Cashew Bites at home.  Moringa, rich in vitamin C + potassium, and Goji Berries, rich in iron + antioxidants combine in each powerful bite. Altogether, the bites boost immunity, eye & skin health, and reduce inflammation, while also fueling you through healthy fats and protein.

Chiyo Pantry Starter Kit

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The Chiyo Philosophy

Our nutrition principles