This Chef Is Making Postpartum Nutrition More Delicious and Diverse (Bon Appetit)

This Chef Is Making Postpartum Nutrition More Delicious and Diverse (Bon Appetit)

When Jennifer Jolorte Doro was expecting her son, she invoked the wisdom of Asian postpartum food traditions to guide her pregnancy diet and recuperation. Now, as a clinical nutritionist and postpartum private chef, she's helping other expectant mothers do the same through Chiyo (fka Nouri Mama) —a meal delivery service company she cofounded to support expectant families in New York and New Jersey with meals specifically designed to nourish both mom and baby.

In many Asian cultures it is common practice to look after mothers, before and after birth by preparing certain foods to support their physical and mental well-being, as well as the baby's development and long-term eating habits. Doro grew up in the States, but experienced the practice in her Filipino extended family. She soon realized that many new mothers in America lack access to nutritional guidance, community support, and culturally inclusive resources.

With Chiyo (fka Nouri Mama), Doro hopes to play a part in changing that, by preparing nourishing meals—such as miso minestrone soup, ginger shiitake bone broth, and adzuki quinoa oatmeal—based in what Chiyo (fka Nouri Mama) describes as Eastern food therapy. Meals are made using seasonal, science-backed ingredients to fulfill the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum mothers. Chiyo (fka Nouri Mama) creates a new menu of prepared every week, and clients can select meals in advance and request customizations to accommodate dietary needs. The meals get delivered to clients’ homes and only require a quick reheat before enjoying.

Here Doro chats about life as a working mom, the impact food can have on a pregnancy journey, and the Eastern traditions that helped her own postpartum recuperation.

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