Hosting a Backyard Baby Shower - The Chiyo Way

Hosting a Backyard Baby Shower - The Chiyo Way

Irene's sister is expecting! As Cofounder of Nouri, of course, Irene had to throw her sister a dreamy backyard baby shower complete with her Nouri favorites.

Preparation started the week before - assembling the menu (with Jennifer's recommendations). buying ingredients and assembling the decorations. The day before was a tad stressful, trying to cook for 20+ guests from a home kitchen. Our usual Nouri production is no joke! Each grain, sauce & spread is freshly made from whole ingredients.  


Appetizer: Seeded Bread & Mint Pea Spread

Our guests couldn't believe this was gluten-free, and incredibly tasty. Mint was used from Irene's mom's garden and sesame seeds finished off the spread! 


Appetizer: Miso Black Rice Corn Salad w/ Turmeric Lemon Dressing

Irene had to do some improvisation here - who knew it was so hard to find green lentils?! She did have to go to 3 different grocery stores to find all the specialty ingredients needed. She substituted the lentils with black rice. The turmeric lemon dressing has lived on as a new favorite in the household.


Entrée: Miso Mustard Summer Soba + Poached Salmon

This was such a hit, Irene didn't even get to eat any. This would be a staple in Irene's rotation if it wasn't so much work to make - the summer soba had a crunchy and phytonutrient rich mix of carrots, red cabbage, edamame. 


Dessert: Coconut Bibingka with Goji Berry Maple Syrup

Irene's family is quite picky about their desserts, and everyone wanted to take these home. The perfect amount of sweetness, from simple coconut sugar & vanilla syrup. The goji berries soaked in the maple syrup were *chef's kiss*.


After this light, but filling lunch, we moved onto games. Irene's mom won - I guess mom always knows best. 


Have you played find the babies? They were hidden every which way - in flower pots, behind balloons, in the flowers. 


Drinks were provided by De Soi - a line of sparkling, ready-to-drink non-alcoholic aperitifs made from premium, nourishing plant tonics. Have to admit Irene & her family dug into this stash all week before the baby shower.


Well wishes from the guests to display in baby's room. A reminder for those tough 3am nights ahead.


Bye, for now! Let us know if you'd like a guide to a DIY baby shower. 


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