Chiyo (fka Nouri) in LA

Chiyo (fka Nouri) in LA

After our Veracity x Nouri event in New York, we were inspired to host another event to bring our community together on the other side of the country. On August 17th, we hosted our very first event on the west coast, our welcome Chiyo (fka Nouri) to LA lunch party and strolling soiree. We partnered with some amazing brands and guests were invited to stay after the lunch for a womb meditation breathwork session led by Liv Lo Golding and wander the space to explore our partners and their brand activations. Let's dive into this exciting event!

Upon entering, guests were greeted with an organic traditional herbal body soak with herbs grown on a family farm in Taiwan. This blend of herbs was specifically formulated to alleviate common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms.

The herbal blend included:

  • Ground Legume: protects against itchiness
  • Moxa: warms the body and helps alleviate lower abdomen pain
  • Blue Grass: warms internal temperature which can improve lactation flow
  • Lemongrass: relieves pain and swelling

After the hand soak, guests were served a variety of DeSoi non-alcoholic aperitifs. While guests mingled around the room and conversed at the table, our chefs Jennifer and her husband were hard at work preparing each course of the Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired lunch. 


Starter- Silken Tofu with Miso Ginger Tamari Dressing

Tofu - In TCM, tofu clears heat + eliminates toxins. It is an ideal plant-based protein source as it contains high amounts of protein and all the essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for tissue repair and protein synthesis.

Ginger - Ginger is the ideal multipurpose ingredient which can combat nausea and improve digestion. It has warming properties to dispel cold. It contains high amounts of Vitamin C to boost immunity.


Entree- Mung Bean Shan Yao Curry with Carrot Cabbage Slaw and Herbed Millet and Quinoa

Millet -  A gluten-free grain full of protein makes it the ideal plant-based grain. Rich in Folate, Magnesium + Iron - foundational in all stages.

Mung Bean - In TCM, mung beans clear heat as a cooling ingredient. A powerhouse of nutrition with folate, fiber, protein, essential amino acids.

Shan Yao - Used in TCM as a multipurpose ingredient to help in every stage. Known to tonify the qi / energy. In fertility, this is used to aid sperm health & estrogen balance. In the prenatal phases, Shan Yao aids in digestion and balancing glucose levels. In postpartum, it helps to strengthen & restore the stomach.

Cilantro -  Cilantro is a warming ingredient that helps circulate qi, the body's energy source. A natural antioxidant, it contains Vitamin K which supports bone health and Vitamin A for immune support.


Broths- Black Woodear and Shiitake Mushroom Broth, Orange Peel, Ginger and Honey Broth

Shiitake, Woodear, and Enoki Mushroom - All wild mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D, helping with mood balancing. Shiitake mushrooms are known to tonify the qi and blood while Woodear provides plant-based collagen, iron & B-complex.


Desserts- Moringa Goji Berry Cashew Bite and Coconut Bibingka with Seasonal Fruit

Moringa - A natural antioxidant and superfood, Moringa contains exceptional amounts of Potassium for nerve and cell function as well as calcium, protein, iron & Vitamin C.

Goji Berry In TCM, goji berry is a powerful antioxidant, supporting liver + kidney function. It contains ample amounts of Iron, Vitamin C + A for immune support and natural sugars add a rich sweetness to any dish.

Coconut - The ideal non dairy fat, it is made of MCTs, medium chain triglycerides, providing healthy fats for increased energy.


Womb Meditation

After our tasty and nutritious lunch, Liv introduced us to the art of breathwork, explained its history, and benefits, and led us in a warm womb meditation breathwork session. 


Strolling Soirée

One of our favorite parts of this event was getting to introduce everyone to our amazing partners Yina Co., Tend Prenatal, Poppyseed Health, wthn, and the Neijing Medicine Clinic. Each brand had their own space to explain their mission, practice, products, and values. Guests were invited to visit each station, pack a Nouri goodie bag, and take home a treat from each one- A TCM inspired face mask from Yina Co., prenatal vitamin bars from Tend, postcards and affirmations from Poppyseed health, and an ear-seeding kit from wthn. Guests were also able to experience a personalized acupuncture session with Dr. Grace Loh from the Neijing Medicine Clinic.

We had such a wonderful time hosting everyone at our event and seeing our community members together in person. There are exciting things to come that we can't wait to share. 

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