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Dissolving Clots Decoction (only to be used in first week of postpartum)

An herbal formula used for thousands of generations, and proven to Invigorate the Blood and Dispel Blood Stasis. It supports uterine recovery by shedding the old uterus lining before a new lining forms. Ginger Root warms the uterus and alleviates lower abdominal pain.  Standard bone broth and vegetarian options available.

Ingredients: lovage root, angelica root, ginger root, peach kernel, licorice root, water [or bone broth for standard option]

Contraindicated for pregnancy. For women in first week of postpartum only, most relevant for vaginal births.

Includes 3 days worth, must be purchased with a nutrition program


Why is this an add-on? While this has been proven to be healing and potent both through generations and in recent research, the timing is essential. The decoction aids cleansing of the blood, but may lead to more bleeding if used in your second or more week of postpartum. We only recommend getting this decoction if you are receiving your shipment within 7 days of birth. See delivery schedule here. 

How is it prepared? While you may see Sheng Hua Tang occasionally in traditional chicken soups, we've worked closely with our Traditional Chinese Medicine advisor on the formulation and preparation. Herbs are prepared properly as a decoction with water to minimizing interactions and enhance functions of the principle herbs and assistant herbs. We do not recommend adding additional flavors or ingredients without speaking to an herbalist about potential interactions.

Sheng Hua Tang (Week 1 Postpartum Supplement)

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The Chiyo Philosophy

Our nutrition principles